About Fayette Aeon!

     My name is Fayette Aeon. I rezzed on the grid, November 16th 2007. I have had an interest in Second Life photography since I started. I enjoy seeing how my skill has grown over the years, and hope to keep it up. I started a blog in March 2011. I find that I am a loyal blogger and try to find the best in everything if I can. There are a few designers I have stuck it out with, as well as they have stuck it out with me, for a few years now.
     If, by some chance, you want me to blog something for you, or at least take a gander, please message me. I am sure we can work something out. I also love to get feedback on my photography as well as my posts. Message me! I am friendly! <3

Below are tons of links that you might find helpful:

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