Aeon::. Photography

Aeon::. Photography
Photography by Fayette Aeon and Amber Athens

Profile/Pick Photo - L$400+
+Specialty (Adverts, Holidays, etc.) add L$100+

Couples/Two People
Profile/Pick Photo - L$600+
+Specialty (Adverts, Holidays, etc.) add L$200+

Add L$200 per person (3-4) in addition to the Couple prices.
Add L$150 per person (5-7) in addition to the Couple prices.
Add L$100 per person (7-9) in addition to the Couple prices.


Photos will be completed within a reasonable time frame,

but if you wish to have them completed quicker fees can be applied to do so.

Want to have Text add L$100
More complex photos add L$100

Adding custom poses
Single add L$100
Couple add L$200
Group add L$250 (3 people)
Group add L$300 (4-5 people)
Group add L$350 (6-7 people)
Group add L$400 (7-10 people)

Exclusive poses?
1 month add L$750
3 months add L$1500
6 months add L$3000
Forever add L$8000
Full Perm add L$3000

Event Photos
          We will be at the event and set up to take photo in a "studio" type of setting, not "action" photos. Our photographers will need at least 2-3 weeks to prepare depending on the complexity of what is needed for the event.
One Photo - L$700
Two Photos - L$1200
Five Photos - L$3000
Ten Photos - L$5000
Staying 30 extra mins - L$1000 (per event)
Staying 60 extra mins - L$2000 (per event)
Staying 90 extra mins - L$2800 (per event)
Additional Photographer - L$3000
For event attendees - L$200 (1-3 people/per photo)
For event attendees - L$350 (4-6 people/per photo)
For event attendees - L$500 (7-10 people/per photo)
**No extras for attendees photo. Will use poses we brought and will be basic editing.

Please fill out the form after you have read everything.

         Fayette Aeon - My photos are basic, simple, and focus less on all the stuff over people's face (piercings, tattoos, blood and whatnot)  and just their clear faces. I do like those things, but some people have all of them I can not see the person under them. I want the photo to be you! For backgrounds I try to make my own for photos, if that is something you do not want make sure you talk to me about that. If there is something you want done, talk to me, and I will see what I can do. I will try to give you what you like, but I also enjoy using my own creative mind.

          Amber Athens - I like to fulfill a scene, a dream, a memory. I enjoy taking photos of people, friends, lovers, family, and the beauty of our surroundings in SL! I can do simplicity as well as complexity, but I want the photo to be an experience. For backgrounds I absolutely love natural scenery, but also have the ability to work with many other surroundings. I will consult with you about what you have in mind for your picture in heavy detail throughout the entire photo shoot so that we can make what you have in mind a reality, complimented by my creative touches.

Photo Editing Disclosure

Thank you for your interest in having a portrait from Aeon::. Photography!

Please be aware of the following. Having read or not read this statement, Aeon::. Photographers are reserving the right to utilize their creative abilities as part of a written agreement.

Prices for photography can be referenced at:

You will be required to pay half (50%) of the total cost of your photo up front, covering our photographer’s time and work at your request. If you truly do not like your photo (you will not be using it in anything) you do not have to pay the rest of the cost. The upfront price is the labor of our photographers, the rest of the price is the closing cost of buying the photo itself. Access to Fayette's Flickr, and Amber's Flickr. (If you are found using the photographer's photo, and had received a cash back, Aeon will no longer be doing business with you.)

Aeon::. Photographers agree to consult with you extensively before the appointment takes place to obtain an understanding of what you are seeking in regards to your photo, assuming there are no notations in your request for consultation.
If possible please have outfits for everyone already picked out. Also make sure that what you are wearing is not on Full Bright, please. If you have to wear something full bright, the photographer will try to make it work, and can tell you if it will be fine, but no promises.

Aeon::. Photographers also have the ability to create custom posing for you, as is referenced in our Posing Catalog:

Thank you again for your interest, we do appreciate your business.

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