Sunday, March 18, 2012

*late* St Patties Day 2012

     Sorry I am a day late everyone! I put this outfit together then my fantastic day started! I love that the outfit, to me, is subtle. 
     After putting the outfit together, I did a bit of cleaning in my flat. (If you did not already know, I recently moved and have only had my stuff for about a month. So I am still unpacking) Then I got to take a fantastic bath with Lush Products, which I thought I would not be able to get again, since I only knew of them in England. Afterwards I went to an Irish. It started at 6pmslt and ended around 8pmslt. I went with family, so afterwards we went out for dinner, then came home and went to bed. Sooo.... That is why this post is late ^.^ Forgive me! But I hope you enjoy the outfit.

(Hat is apart of a AMD Outfit : Little Clover)
Ears: *~*Mystic Ear: Drow by Illusions
Eyes: LBD Ice Eyes /poisongreen By LeeZu
Nails: Hearing Forest *Nail Vivid Green*

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