Saturday, March 10, 2012

House Questionaire

I have been looking into homes lately, I am currently living in a cave which is not horrible lol. So I wanted some information from every that reads this blog. If you get a moment, you may leave a comment, or you can send me a NC in world.

  • Size of floor plan (ie. 20x20)
  • How many floors (is it two story, or more?)
  • How many rooms are in your house, and what are they?
  • How many people are living there, or using the home?
  • Are you happy with how many rooms you have, or how big/small they are?
  • Roughly what is the prim count of your house and the items inside?
  • Now the fun part. What are a few styles of home and/or interior design you like, or would like to see? You can say anything you want, and suggest anything.

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