Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gothic Faye - Newly Made Meme

Hair: Ayashi - Ryo
(@ Men Only Monthly)
Eyes: S0NG - Chibi {Spacey Eyes}
Skin Applier: Lumae - Adore - Varda {Bathory}
Mesh Head: Logo - Alex
Collar: Cain - Black Collar
Tattoo: Identity - Hypnose
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands {Flat}
Outfit: SLX Outfit - Merel
(Includes: Top, Bracers, Shorts, Boots & (Not in photo) Necklace)
Pose: Aeon - 116
Location: The Rabbit Hold @ Woodcreek Island (A)

          There has been a lot going on for me in the real world. Lots of birthday's, birthday parties, trying to find other hobbies to enjoy to become well rounded, instead of doing all of sl work/play. I have also been getting my son ready for school. His birthday is at the start of August, and he starts school on the 30th of July (this Thursday!) I didn't realize how much I needed to prepare as a first time mum of a school aged child. I have missed my blog! *hugs the blog tightly*
          I love doing Strawberry Singh's Memes/Blogger Challenges, but wanted to do one for this look. I did not see a goth type of post. At least not what I was looking for. The Urban Dictionary defines Goth in the first line as "Someone who likes the darker side of things. A cute mini Gothic Charm School video by The lady of the Manners. It gives a little tidbit about goths. First quiz from all the tests, while the second quiz is from Buzzfeed

Photography by Fayette Aeon
Hair: Ayashi - Sirena
(@ The Fantasy Collective)
Eyes: IKON - Hope Eyes {Denim}
Skin Applier: Lumae - Adore - Varda {Bathory}
Mesh Head: Logo - Alex
Nail Polish: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails {Supernaturals}
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands {Flat}
Dress: Wimey - Pompeii {White}
(@ The Secret Affair)
Pose: Aeon - 117
Location: Convergence: The Lost City @ New, Wasteland (A)

Meme Instructions: Feel free to answer the questions the best you can, but if you have nothing you want to say, just post your gothic photo below. Try to keep the questions to yourself in SL, but it is alright if you want to use your RL examples.

  1. Do you consider yourself goth? Even just a little aspect of yourself?
    I do consider myself goth in a few aspects. Usually my goth self is more modern that touches mainstream in my head. I also feel more inwardly goth than my physical outside appearance. 
  2. What does goth mean to you?
    Goth to me has two aspects, which can very much so be separate, as well as completely overlapped. There is the outward appearance, the dark and sometimes the flamboyant version. The outfits can be calm to crazy, and the aspect has a wide range. The other aspect is more inward. The love of goth stories, poems, movies, music. The love of dark art, or accepting the darker side of yourself as a positive aspect.
  3. What type of Goth are you? (Either through test, or personal feelings)
    The quizzes I used to figure out what "type" of goth I am, are above. The first one said I am "Emo Goth", Emo meaning "a hodgepodge of many different tyles including Punk, Retro, a touch of urban Japanese and Goth." They have aspects of goth, black, dark with Emo, such as rimmed glasses, converses, and bright colors. One example can be My Chemical Romance, who I love, but I also totally adore 30 Seconds to Mars.
    The second quiz suggested that I am "Art Goth", and it goes on to say "You're the kind of goth who refuses to be pigeonholed. [...] your creative genius transcends labels, but you're totally a dark and dismal goth at heart." I can partly agree with that, I like to think I can transcend labels, and I really do not like being pigeonholed. I love being creative, but I am not sure I would say I am a dismal goth.
  4. How often do you dress in goth? 
    In Second Life, I would say I do goth every once in a while, sometimes more so than other outfits. but I would totally say I dress dark all the time.
  5. Are there goth type clubs you attend in Second Life?
    There are no goth clubs I can't think of that I attend in Second Life, but I would love some suggestions!
  6. Do you have friends and/or family in Second Life that you consider, or they consider themselves goth?
    I do have friends and family that are goth to me. The first person that comes to mind is actually one of my personal best friends, and fellow blogger. She owns Classy Trashy 'N' Free. Anika is dear to me, and dresses in goth type clothes quite often. And damn she makes it look fantastic!

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