Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My SL Pet Peeves Meme - Faye

Meme instructions: Share your top five SL pet peeves. Don't forget to link your post in the comments here so I can read them, and here so Strawberry Singh can read them.

My Pet Peeves

Brightness - A lot of people seem to have this as a pet peeve, especially older avatars. I do not like facelights to start. The make everything awkwardly bright. And harshly to just the face of avatars very often. They also mess up all of my photos, when I don't do it on purpose, and that makes me sad as someone who has been a photographer in Second Life for as long as I have been on the grid. I also don't like items on full bright, especially when it can not be turned off, that also tends to mess up my photos. Then there is bling everywhere. Even if the full bright is off on bling there are those sparkles that happen at 'random' and it is a bit maddening. Cool if you can turn it off and on, but if you can not, no thanks. I guess those things that affect my photography poorly really get to me.

Waiting - Its not like I don't know how to wait. I just feel that when you say you will be an hour, I expect you in about an hour, maybe hour and a half, even two hours. But not 4+ hours later. I would rather a person just say they don't know when they would be back. There have been many days over the SL years that I have waited all day for a person to come back because I have enjoyed their company so much, then ended up doing nothing that day in SL or in RL, so that I wouldn't miss them coming back.

Old Noobs - Everyone has been a noob, that is just how life will be. Unless you never try anything new after becoming an adult, being a noob is forever, but you "level up" while you keep doing that thing. You do not need to look like a noob forever!!! I started in 2007, and I remember wearing some awkward fashions. After a few years, I came across people that were also from around that time, and still looked it!! Like poor skin, awkward outfits, stiff movements, rough hair with no depth. Please, you do not have to spend a billion lindens, but change your look, show how much you care about your avatar.

Not Reading a Profile - It is very nice to get to know someone. You don't want to be told every single detail in your profile because it will be harder to find something to talk about. You need information in your profile to start conversation or so people can find something in common right away. But profiles are there to help know if the person has a business and doesn't want to be bugged, or doesn't mind it. Find out if they are taken, open or single, or just never looking. To find out if you could have similar values, or maybe both of you role-play. Maybe that person finds friends and family very important and you respect that. You can even find out if someone could be just a jerk, or think too highly of themselves with no humor.

People that are Downers - Being down, sad happens to everyone. I do not like when people seem to live in a negative light and always seemingly down. I will be there for everyone really that needs an ear and having a bad day or going through a bad time but beating something down and never wanting to get back to the light can really mess with people. People want to be happy so when people are "ALWAYS" complaining, or always brings up the same problems without bringing up ways to fix it, makes me want to talk to them less and around them less as well. I will lend you my ear, if you can show me your happiness at the end.

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