Friday, April 3, 2015

The Foundry "Spring Into Summer" Hunt April 2015

Come along with Aeon, as they participate in their first hunt! Hopefully many more events to come. From Aeon there will be a pose for female and male. The female and male poses are single, but go well enough together. Aeon is very excited and hope all of you can come check it out! More information below. As a heads up The Foundry is an Adult sim.

Note Card:


It is taking place from April 3rd through May 3rd.
We want to thank our Sponsors:

The Mercantile
The Ruins Gacha YardSale

Please take a look at all the wonderful items we have made for you!

You will be hunting for an Octopus (as shown on the sign) just need to click him and get your giftie!
Your gifts will arrive in numbered folders so you know if you got everything!  There are 35 items to collect and when you are done, you will have a fully furnished beach house and some other GREAT gifties!

We hope you enjoy visiting our sim!  While you are here, stop by The MerCaNTiLe for some goodies, hang out at The Ruins GACHA yardsale to do some shopping...or pop into AEON and check out the cool poses!  Please make sure you keep a LM and join us at MetaLWorks for the BEST DJs and YUMMIEST Dancers on the grid!

If you are not in the mood to hunt, the entire HUNT PACKAGE will be available for purchase at The MerCaNTiLe soon!

Enjoy yourself and PLEASE...Don't Cheat!  Cheating SUCKS!

Much Love!"

The Foundry "Spring into Summer" Hunt

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