Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Seven SL Facts Meme - Fayette Aeon

          Strawberry Singh started her Meme posts with My Seven SL Facts Meme, which I haven't done yet. You can see her post here. I am hoping I can catch up and do all the posts I have missed. Not sure if that will actually happen but it doesn't hurt to try.

My SL Fact #1 - I am a long term person, either with romantic relationships, or with friendships, and even with networking relationships. I have had the same mum in SL since 2008, I have had only two dads, one had to leave for RL. Both were with my mum. I have also only had one SL child, since 2011.

My SL Fact #2 - I enjoy being creative, but find that I am always behind the times on building, which makes me sad, and slightly overwhelmed.

My SL Fact #3 - I have tried many times to set up inventory party clean ups with friends, but open to the public, but it never seems to happen. Everybody's inventory must be way more put together than my own.

My SL Fact #4 - I don't like people that complain about everything possible in local chat, because I feel that nobody is actually listening but they desperately want someone to.

My SL Fact #5 - I love to love, to explore relationships with people, to try new things, to be accepted for who I am, to be woo'd and woo in return. And hopefully in the process I can help that person become a better themselves.

My SL Fact #6 - I have never owned my own land, but I have been renting on the same land for almost as long as I have been on the Grid.

My SL Fact #7 -  I enjoy just being around people. Even if we never talk, and we are working on our own things, I am such a people person that I just want the presence of a person there. The more the better even, but that doesn't happen very often.

          Not sure how interesting that is, but it is also in a weird way to have just said it, and put it other there, even if nobody reads it.

Hair: Exile - Librarian Chic
Butterflies: Persefona - Butterflies in hair
Eyes: Adoness - Havila {Smoke}
Skin: Logo - Chloe {Bloom}

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  1. I'm so happy you have decided to do the challenges. I almost forgot I started with this one, might have to bring something similar back, it's a good one. Thank you for sharing your seven facts! <3