Saturday, June 22, 2013

Disney Week Thirteen - Mad Hatter

          I am still behind on the Disney Challenge, but like I said before I am not giving up. I really like the Mad Hatter, I always have. There are so many different versions I have seen over the years, and so far I love all of them. I really get the Mad Hatter sometimes. Since this is a Disney Challenge though I stuck to that look. I googled Mad Hatter, just so I could get it right, like the colors and such. I think I did fantastic with my outfit! The hardest part was actually the hat. Can not be a Hatter with no hat! I also did not want a top hat in the fear it would be too costume-y and not something you could piratically wear. As soon as I found this hat in my inventory, everything was perfect. The next hard part was actually a background. I didnt want to go with a simple color background. Just didn't seem right, so I came up with making a tea cup, which you can see the progress here. I wanted the tea cup to be a tribute to the fact that Alice in Wonderland is a Cartoon. I hope you all enjoy this character as much as I do. Now to the next character! Muah!

Hat: Argrace - Straw Fedora
Skin: Logo - Chloe
Hair: Truth - Nahla 2
Necklace: Cae - Love Letters
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands
Jumper: Ison - Kimono Sleeve Cardigan
Top: Rock Me Amadeus - Rita Dress
Leggings: G*Field - Basic Color Tights
Boots: Eudora 3D - Dingo Boots
Pose: Diesel Works - Julie 5 & 6
(Tea cup and Card in Hat made by me!)

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