Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney Week Six - Merida

          It seems to me that these challenges have gotten harder for me and I am actually loving it. I thought it was going to be simple things, which is funny but I am so much happier that it isn't! This past week was Merida. Most of what I saw was typical her in a dress. When I do  these Disney Challenges I aim for a certain look. Something that apparently the character, but also something that does not look like a costume. I hope I am able to convey that in all of my looks. How would they dress right now, in a sense.

          For Merida is was actually hard for me to pick something in a solid type of color like the dresses that you see her in.  I knew I did not want her in a dress, and picking a color was hard. I saw these jumper at ColdLogic and knew I loved it, but I was sad they didn't have a color I could work with until I looked about more. I was totally excited that this color was there. Picking a bottom to go with the jumper and still be Merida was hard for me. Jeans just didn't seem right, leggings can look funny, and a skirt was too close to the dress look for myself. 

          I tried on many different pairs of pants then decided to try my pants/leggings from Maitreya. They worked out surprisingly well for my look. But if I were going to use these leggings what shoes could I possibly use! The first pair of shoes I took a look at would have made it too gothy. When I first decided to put together my Merida look, I wanted it to be different like everything else. I wanted her to look a bit older, and wanted to use a crossbow. While thinking about it, I had in my head that I wanted the look of Jessica Biel's character from Blade. I know that has nothing to do with Brave but she can hunt, and hunts the bear, so for me it made sense. (Plus the Blade movies are some of my faves).

          I was actually very happy when I saw these boots by, Coco, in my inventory! I don't think Merida is wearing boots in the movie (I have only seen it once), but if this is more grown up Merida. I love the hair I used for this look. It is not as while, I figured it calmed down a bit as she got older. I hope you all really enjoy this look, and the hard work I have put into it!

Hair: Analog Dog - Dive
Skin: Logo - Chloe
Hands: Slink - Mesh hands
Jumper: ColdLogic - Early
Pants: Maitreya - Leggings
Boots: Coco - Suede Boots
CrossBow: Lismore Guild of Merchants - Dark Iron Crossbow
(I actually got the crossbow at the markeplace, I dont think there is an inworld place)
Pose: Exposeur - Top Model Spring 2011 Makeover - Brittani

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