Saturday, March 19, 2016

LOTD - 20160318

Photo by Fayette Aeon


Ayashi - Mizu
Logo - Chloe {Alabaster}
Mesh Body:
Maitreya - Lara V3.4
Slink - AvEnhance Hands {Gesture}
Eudora - Eir Collection {Gold/Wood}
20.Five - Go On
Aeon - 085 Mirrored


  • Ayashi @ Hairology
  • Eudora @ We <3 RP
  • Eudora Includes: Necklace, Shoulder Pieces, Bracelets
          Sorry my friend for taking so long between posts. I am sure it has been noticed. I have been consumed by my first life. At the start of March, I worked at the Wild Wild West Con. This year I was the assistant manager of my department. I loved my job! I had missed working the con, since it only happens once a year. I worked from about 9am til about 9pm, then I went to the concerts at the end of the day that lasted until about 11pm. For 2 out of the 3 days I wore a steel boned corset the whole time.

          After the concerts I went to after "parties" just to hang out longer with my friends, leaving to go home about 1-2am, then having to be back at work. It was a blast, and an amazing weekend. While working I made a lot more great friends and saw new businesses and entertainers I hadn't seen before. I also met a boy. After getting to know this man, I started to feel 19 again. It was great. I will not gush too much, but I am super duper happy.

          The week following I had to clean up my home, after throwing stuff about during the con. I also had a field to was helping with for my son's kindergarten class. I also had to prepare for our first Pose Fair!! yay! I did get all of the work completed that I needed and things are going fantastic!

          I am not sure at this time that I will be able to pick up where I left off with posting as often as I had, but I still plan on sharing my world with you. I love photography, blogging, and staying connected. I hope all of you are excited about Spring and I look forward to seeing great things!

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