Sunday, September 20, 2015

What Business is it of Yours

          A while ago I came across this post by Tessa Rosca called: What business is it of Yours. I was intrigued. The post is about reasons people may get on Second Life. Her biggest point was that people go into SL for many different reasons, and the biggest issue people seem to have are with people that are married in the real world shouldn't be in SL. She suggests you just mind your own business. I can agree with what she says on many points.

          I personally don't mind being asked, but usually prefer it in a friend environment. I am an open book but I can easily see how it can be overwhelming and slightly rude to tell someone their reason in being SL isn't good enough, or worthy enough. As far as being married in the real world, every relationship, and person is different. Every seniro should be taken the way it is, not everyone should be lumped together.

          Tessa Rosca's post can be found here. All in all, don't start trouble, it might be better to just mind your own business.

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