Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Logo - Alex - Update May 2015

Photograhy by Fayette Aeon

          The Alex head as just been released by Logo! And like I said, I wanted to keep everyone updated with as much information as I could. Starting out, to get everything new with the Alex mesh head, it would cost a total of L$3595. That is quite a lot of linden. But there is also a break down if you can not afford everything right away.

Head - L$2,499
Expressions - L$499
Eyeshadows - L$249
Blush - L$99
Lipstick - L$249

          Like the other mesh heads released by Logo, Alex also comes with 5 different shades of skin. You get many folders of similar items, so that you have a variety. There are two folders for each shade of skin tone, with lots of choices. But you also get eyes, teeth, tongue, eyelashes, eyelids and more. I like that when you open the bag Logo gives you, they provide you with all the folders you need, so you don't have one big mess. If you are new to the Logo heads, it can be a big overwhelming, but if you read over the provided note cards and take your time, it shouldn't take long for a person to get the hang of everything!

Unedited Photography by Fayette Aeon
          These photos are taken in sl, with not editing. (Other than the black box look lol). And the expressions, and makeup are on the HUD that is provided with the head. It really looks different from Chloe and Sadie, but looks fantastic! I am in love. I am very happy that expressions have expanded and there is even another HUD you can buy for eve more expressions.

Unedited Photography by Fayette Aeon
          These expressions come with the second expressions HUD that can be bought at the same locations. The makeup in the photos above is also available as add-ons at the Logo location.

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