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Items for Avatars Under 30 Days Old (Or Items Discounted and Cheap) - April 2012

     This is a list I have tried to put together in the month of March. I went to each of these stores to see that these items were there. I wanted to find a way to help new people in Second Life, as well as help those still here. There are many good shops for new people to check out and help them explore Second Life. I also included shops, where there were cheap/discounted/sale items. There are also definitions at the bottom. I hope you enjoy the list, and that you keep exploring. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them at the bottom or leave me a message in Second Life. - Love Fayette Aeon

The 1920s Berlin Project★★ Um 1920s stuff
(At the landing point there is an entire cart full of freebies!)

ADN Designs ★★★ Clothing/Outfits
( At the enterance there is a Prize for picks, so if you have space, it could be good to do. There are a couple of Midnight Mania boards, but it looks like they fill up quickly. There are also about 9 lucky chairs. There also seems to be a guessing game that I believe is matching two pictures. Under the Midnight Mania boards are a few boxes of freebies and dollarbies. Also for the outfits they provide, they are pretty cheap, so when you get money, you can always come back!)

Apple May Designs - ★★★ Female Clothing 
(Discounts and Under 30 Days, go to the stairs, go right, then in the back)

A:S:S★★★★ Clothes
(They have a discount section. Their clothes, are girly-unisex)

Bare Rose★ Mostly Clothing
(So they are not 'cheap' but they sell full outfits, from top to bottom with awesome accessories and whatnot for cheap, comparable to something similar from other shops. They also hand out free stuff to people just visiting if you stay long enough. Expect most outfits to cost more then l$100, but you get the entire outfit. If the outfit needs certain shoes or prims, you get them with the outfit! )

B[elle]issima★ Clothes - Men and Women
(As you enter the door there are 3 midnight mania boards, two lucky boards and a few cheap items as well as a coupon for new people. If you are younger then 30days there is a board where you get a coupon for one item worth, up to $l250. The notecard you receive will tell you what to do. There are also a couple of gatcahas around the shop.)

BT (Bitch Tail)★ Clothing
(in the store I quickly found 4 lucky chairs. At the entrance there are two gatcahas. Outside of the store I found two more lucky chairs and if you go down to the courtyard there are a few prizebomb, a couple of walls of closeout items. Check the prices, the ones on the boards may not be correct. Also in the courtyard are more gatcahas, 7 lucky chairs, a midnight mania and a few other fun things.)

The Black Market★ Everything 
(The Black Market is a place where many shops can get together and put some of their items out for cheaper. The items do tend to change. Joining their group is free. Most of the items are for sale for l$40, and only at the black market, not at the respective stores.)

Bonne Chance (BCC)★ Clothing and Accessories
(It is free to join the Bonne Chance Group. there are three lucky boards on the back side of the wall you see as you enter the store, for all three board it is required that you be a group member. In another room (the left room) there are also a couple of gatcahas. In the room on the right there is a little table and a shelf with some almost freebie stuffs. In that right room there are almost more gatcahas.)

C'est La Vie Clothes and Accessories
(They have good group gifts and to join the group is free. There are two lucky boards and a couple of gatcahas)

Calla Hair Hair
(If you head to the back wall of the entrance you will find a few lucky chairs. Near the lucky chairs are gatcahas. There is also a way to win a new releases, join their VIP group and/or their facebook page and you can get up to 10 chances to win every release. More information near the entrance.)

Catmonster - ★★★★ Eyes 
(A Couple of Free Sets, One Set for Under 45 Days, normal price L$60per pair. There is also a lucky board, also free to join the group)

Coco Designs★ Clothing and Accessories for Women
(Enter and go right, there is a good amount for group gifts. If you go upstairs, near the group gifts there is a 'discounted' area where the items are cheaper than down stairs.)

De La Soul
(At the landing point there is a board with lots of information, including a link and info for newbies. Next to that there is also a gift for avis younger then 30 days.)

Delirium Style Clothes and Accessories
(To the south east of the store landing point is a lucky board section. There are about 4 lucky boards and you do not have to be a part of the group to get the winnings. There are also a couple of dollarbies there too.)

The Dressing Room★ Everything
(The Dressing room has many cheap items for sale from many different brands. They change what they have weekly. Most of their items are l$70 or less.To get updates you can join the subscriber.)

The Dressing Room Blue Everything
(This is just like The Dressing Room, same shop pretty much. But it carries different items! All items are still l$70 or less!)

Duh! -  Shoes Mostly
(If you go upstairs where the mens stuff is, there are a couple of lucky chairs, about 4 gatcahas and a few gift items.)

DV8★ Clothing for Men and Women
(In the Riot Room they have gacha, lucky boards, Riotvenders and more.)

Elikatira★ Hair (Mostly)
(Some free hair as soon as you enter the store.)

Elymode Female Clothes 
(To the left of the entrance there are a couple of lucky chairs and a few freebies. There is also a present for new avatars that are younger then 30 days.)

Evie's Closet★ Fantasy Clothes 
(In the Vintage area nothing should be more than l$150. There is also a Midnight Mania board.)

Exile★ Hair (Mostly)
(Enter the Exile building then go right. There are 9 sets of free hair, 6 for women, and 3 for men. I tend to just get all of them, why not.)

FabFree Headquarters★ Almost Anything
(So, there is a group you may join to get updates, but in the headquarters, you should find many free items! Some you can not tell what they are, but they are free, so pick them up, take them home, or to a sand box, and check them out.)

The Free Dove★ Everything
(So if you are new and have no money, this is a great place to check out. From what I have gathered, everything here is free.)

GlamorizeMostly Makeup / Female
(At the landing point there are a few lucky boards and a midnight mania. I love the makeup here! It is so cheap and awesome. So far they fit most of my different skins, but they are so cheap that if you pick one and it just does not work out you are not out by much.)

Grimm Bros -  ★ Clothes and Accessories
(At the entrance on the right there are a couple of little freebie items. To the left of the enterace there are currently three dresses for females that are free to new avatars; one is 55days old, one is 60 days old, and one is 70 days old. If you take a look around you may find a few other free items for newbies, there will be neon orange signs.)

Gothica Clothes and Accessories
(So if you head the the back wall there are freebie items, a midnight mainia board and lucky boards. On the back wall of freebies there is also a Full Avatar!)

Kennedy's★ Male and Female Clothing
(Lucky chair, Midnight Mainia board and a sale section, upstairs, with items being l$75 or less.)

Koko★ Hair and Skin
(The entire area is cheap. They also have skins for avis younger then 6 months. An entire Avi Kit for avis youngers then 180 days.)

Lamb★ Hair
(If you join the subscriber you get a cute hair cut for free. Also near the subscriber and entrance, there are free sets of hair.)

Lapointe and Bastchild★ Male and Female Clothing
(If this surl does not take you to the area, there is an area called Gothic Free Designs. An entire area of free clothing! The store is great, and the freebie section is not small, I do suggest, even if you generally do not like gothic clothes, to check it out.)

LAQ (Laqroki)★ Mostly Skin but also has Hair
(Near their hair section there is discounted hair, and freebie hair. They also have two free outfits, one for men and one for women.)

LeBloom★ Clothing and Furniture
(In the back they have two Midnight Manias and a Roit Vender.)

Little Pricks / Skin Deep★ Tattoos, Piercings, "Accessories", Skin
( If you go inside a bit you will find a Midnight Mania, Lucky Chair, and Product Camper. Next to that area are a couple of freebie items. Their items are also really reasonably priced.)

Long Awkward Pose (LAP)★ Animations
(As you enter, there is an area full of helpful information. There are two free AOs on the wall, one male and one female. Pick them both up, why not. You just have to be 30days or younger.)

Mamboo Chic Female Skins and Makeup
(I found two locations for this store. At the "main" location there is a lucky board. There is also a subscriber in the store, that includes a freebie at this time. At this location there is a group gift, but the group price is l$300 just to join. Also from what I gathered, she is moving things around, so just be aware.)

Mariko - ★ Female Skins 
(In the entrance, 5 lucky boards but 1 is a group lucky board. So for that one you would have to join but it is free to join)

Miasnow A little bit of everything!
(In the basement of Miasnow there is fantastic stuff for cheap!)

Milana★ Female Hair
(Subscriber with Group Gift!)

Mock★ Makeup/skin for Females
(At the entrance there is a full female avatar for character 30 days or younger.)

My Attic★ A Little of Everything
(So in my attic there are different shops selling different items. From what I could tell nothing is over l$95)

NCI (New Citizens Incorporated)★ Stuffs
(So you land on a compass, if you go NW there are two boards of free stuff! Check it out if you are new! There is also a board of Classes and Events if you are interested.)

Nyte'N'Day★ Clothes
(If you head towards the back you will find stairs to the basement, there are the discounts! Not a bad place to be if I say so myself. Things in the basement are subject to changing so it is also good to go back and check it ou)

Phoenix Rising - ★ Male and Female Clothing 
(Mostly Female - L$25 or less with a handful of dollarbies) 

PixelDolls - ★ Female Clothing 
(Many Items for L$99 or less. Two lucky chairs and a freebie outfit!)

Plausible Body★ Clothes, Accessories, Shapes, Skins
(They have a lucky chair, but the awesome thing about this shop is that it is Open Priced! I think taking a look could never hurt, especially for newer people Joining their group is free, and they have a free group gift at their entrance point. And next to that they have a Free new Avatar Package if you are younger than 36 days. )

Poetic Colors - ★★★★★ Eyes 
(A set of eyes are just outside of the store if you are younger then 30days)

Rawr!★★ Clothing
(If you head to the back there are some prize bombs, lucky chairs, around the store there are some midnight manina boards, prize bombs and a few more things like a prize pyramid.I ahve found at least 10 lucky chairs and 5 mightnight mainina boards. There are also a handful of prize bombs. Lots of freebies could be had here.)

Ruxy's★★★ Clothes
(Near the stairs there are two Midnight Manias and a free gift for avis younger then 30days. There are also group gifts, and joining the group is free.)

Sassy★★★ Clothes
(There is an entire room with amazing items. A lucky chair, Mobvender and a Midnight Mania. There is a wall full of discounted items. There is an avatar for new players younger then 60 days. There are quite a few free group items if you join the group, which is free to join.)

Savoir Hair★★ Hair - Male and Female
(The entire store has $l1 to free hair for both males and females. There are also a few lucky chairs. It is a great place to get some starter hair as well as see what stores are out there. Remember most stores have better hair then their freebies.)

SEmotions Studio ★★★★ Animation Overriders 
(Free AOs at Entrance, male and female)

Silent Sparrow - ★★ Female and Male Clothing 
(Outfit for New Avatars, Both female and male, and a lucky uh... bird? lol. There are also group gifts.)

Sn@tch Clothes and Accessories
(At the entrance there is a subscriber, with free gift. If you find the teleport map you can get to the bargain pit. Everything is cheap  there, and do not take the l$ written on the boards as the price of them items, many of the item's prices have been lowered. Just make sure you check before you buy. Down in the pit, on the stair wall there is also a complete avatar for players younger then 30 days.)

Sweeter Than Candy - ★ Female Clothing 
(At Entrance Has New Avatar Kiosk, it is a HUD. She is also in the l$60 Linden Weekends group and tends to put out fatpacks. Also if you take a gandar around you will find other freebie items. Throughout the store her items are reasonably priced to cheap.)

Tempt - ★ Female Clothing and other items 
(Discounted Items Upstairs)

Trixxy's Shop★ Clothes
(To the right of the entrance are a couple of cheap gift boxes. On the left there are 3 lucky chairs and a couple of midnight mania boards.)

Truth - ★ Male and Female Hair 
(Mostly Female - Discounted Hair in the Back)

Wetherby's Most Female Clothing
(So to join the group is pretty cheap, l$50, because they claim that they give out l$2500 worth of items every month. It can be worth it to join for a very small amount of linden to get that much stuff. I have not joined the group though. In the store though everything looks very cheap and reasonable. I say cheap, because most of the 'expensive' items were l$100.)


Prize for Picks - You put the store in your picks, then return for a prize. You get a new prize everyday.

Gatcaha - You pay a certain amount, preset by the owner, and you get a random prize. Usually the prizes are just different colors of the same items.

Lucky Board/ Chair - You wait until you see the letter of your first name on the chair, or board. When you see, or hear your letter called click as quickly as possible. If there are others around they may be after the prizes too.

Open Price - You pay whatever you can afford. But it the price the maker suggests or nothing. This is great if you do not have a lot of money. You can also always go back when you do have money.

Subscriber - In Second Life, you only get so many spots for groups. A subscriber allows you to be part of other groups without filling a slot. You will not be able to access the 'group' from the group tab, near your friends list. But you will get notices and such.

Midnight Mania - This is a board with #/#. The first # is how many people have clicked and joined the board. The second # is how many need to join, set by the owner, for everyone to get the prize. As soon as the number is met the board is closed. The board resets, as well as sends out the prize at midnight.

Product Camper - Usually some type of chair, but not always. You 'sit' there and wait the allotted time, set by the owners, and when you have sat there the full amount of time the object will automatically give you the object you were waiting for.

Riotvenders - These are boards with prizes in them. You can get the prizes whenever as long as you pay the price. But the more people there are around the board, the lower the price will go.

Sand Box - A place where you and others can do many things if you do not own, or rent land. You can build, open items you have bought, hang out, or do whatever you need to do. Make sure the sand boxes are public, remember to pick up after yourself, and if you plan on being there for a while, check to see when items are returned. You do not want items returned if you are in the middle of a project.

Dollarbies - These are items that are almost free. You can find them all over Second Life, and they should be, as the name suggests, just one dollar, or linden.

Freebies - These are items that you can find in many shops that are free!

Prize Bomb - someone pays the amount on the board and so many winners will get the prize, that simple

Prize Pyramid - Click if your the first letter of your name is showing. The more people there are to claim the letter the better the prize. Must be on the sim when the count down is finished.

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