Saturday, September 3, 2011

Items for Avatars Under 30 Days Old (Or Items Discounted and Cheap) - September 2011

Apple May Designs - ★★★ Female Clothing (Discounts and Under 30 Days)

Bonne Chance!★ Female Clothing ( 4 Lucky Boards {One Group Required})

Catmonster - ★★★★ Eyes (A Couple of Free Sets, One Set for Under 45 Days, L$60)

Evie's Closet - ★★ Female Fantasty Dresses (Discounted Area in Back)

Phoenix Rising★ Male and Female Clothing (Mostly Female - L$25 or less)

PixelDolls★ Female Clothing (Many Items under L$99)

Poetic Colors - ★★★★★ Eyes (A New Player Set Just Outside the Store)

SEmotions - ★★★★Animation Overrider (Free AOs at Entrance)

Silent Sparrow - ★★ Female and Male Clothing (Outfit for New Avatars)

Sweeter Than Candy★ Female Clothing (At Entrance Has New Avatar Kiosk)

Tempt★ Female Clothing and other items (Discounted Items Upstairs)

Truth★ Male and Female Hair (Mostly Female - Discounted Hair in the Back)

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