Monday, May 11, 2015

Logo - Alex - Sneak Preview

Last night, while laying in bed, right before 11pm slt, I got a notice from Logo. It has been such a long time since there was a notice. I believe the last notice was about Sadie and freckles for the mesh head. I tried to go to sleep, and not check was the notice was, but I just laid there, trying to figure out what it could be (with my phone). So I decided to just get up and check it out. I had received a NC with the words "LOGO Alex Hybrid Avatar Sneak Preview - I know it's been a while but we have  new member to the family coming very soon. Here's a sneak peek :)" And it included the photo. I am not sure when it will be out, but I am completely excited. From what I can see in the photos I will be as pleased as I have been with my current Logo head, that I have had since November 2012. I totally plan on getting Alex and updating all of you when I do. If I enjoy the Alex head as much, I suspect I will be wearing it for nearly as long.

To Be Continued...

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