Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Updated HUD and Mesh Body from Maitreya!

I want to start off apologizing for the lack of the fully edited photo that I normally try to provide as I'm in the hospital currently and was determined to post something here that I was 100% excited by before I had to drop everything until next week when I'm discharged. As most know, I've grown attached to the mesh body released from Maitreya and was absolutely floored with their recent update! Previously the body and HUD were alright, but with this new release, there were major improvements here so let's go over that comparison with the HUD since I can't post a photo just yet! Don't worry, I have plans to photograph it and just point out what is new on the body itself in my next post.

There were a lot of alpha options before, and it was one of the top-runners in the alpha aspect:

Now, Onyx has added more:

This update makes it much easier to fit mesh clothing that may not have looked completely right beforehand. One of the new things I've noticed as well is that unlike the first version, you can choose to only apply an alpha to the left or right, where as the first was more of an all or nothing type of deal.  She also made it so that the alpha selections were further divided! The alpha save slots are absolutely phenomenal for when you want to apply alphas quickly and easily.  You'll also notice that some things are missing and others have been added, but we'll be covering that as well. Take note that there are more tabs on this update, where there were only two at first. 

Previously, the HUD's second tab held the following:

The former second tab had the usual. Feet settings, skin presets, nails, tinting tool, and other customization options. 

In the new HUD, it was moved to the third option:

The new HUD does have longer nails, as well as a shine on/off and shimmer option. I think one thing that I was absolutely thrilled with was the option to kill scripts. Having been a cheerleader, captain, and coach in Second Life football leagues where there is a strict limit on scripts as well as not being able to go to my husband's games unless I completely revert to something that I can rip scripts out of or just take it all off in general and go with a complete alpha, this is really cool. 

The Layers tab in this new HUD:

What's nice about this is that it allows you to save appliers, as well as apply shine and gloss and the mask mode options.

It's not just the HUD!

What's great is that the new body's improvements aren't just in the HUD but in the body itself as well. Like I mentioned, there are longer nails if you like that sort of thing. There was a smoother shape applied to the shoulders, and like I was mentioning with HUD options, this body is now materials enabled! Improved normals on the neck to avoid that tiny gap and the nipple colors are more muted.

If you haven't purchased this body previously, I do want to mention that it's probably one of the best deals in my opinion. It comes with four shapes, a set of mesh undergarments with color-change options as well as appliers for lingerie, hands, feet, and a shoe base for when you want to be on your tip-toes or to wear a pair of shoes that don't come with that shoe base.

Since this song reminds me of my body is trying to off itself sometimes, I'm trying to relax with:

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