Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fall Twins!

Birth Date: March 22nd 2015

Parents: Mellifera Fall, Danny Fall

Siblings: Fayette Aeon, and Amber Athens

Doctor: Cody Blue

  • Big Sister: Fayette Aeon
  • Big Sister: Amber Athens
  • Uncle: Cael Szondi
  • Aunt: Amy
  • Aunt: Turtle 

Length of Labor at Hospital: About 1 hour

  • Girl
    • Name: Delaney Fall
    • Time: 7:43pm slt
    • Length: 21in 
    • Weight: 7.5lbs
  • Boy
    • Name: Tucker Fall
    • Time: 7:54pm slt
    • Length: 19.13in
    • Weight: 6.3lbs
Feelings from Mother Before Birth: "I was excited and nervous and a bit was like stepping into a new adventure"

Feelings from Father Before Birth: "Excited and happy to be sharing this moment with her together"

Feelings from Mother After Birth: " I felt instantly in love with them and so happy!!"

Feelings from Father After Birth: "I felt really good knowing this was something we were going to be doing together and it was just another thing in our lives together that we will experience and enjoy"

First Night of Sleep - Father:  "I was exhausted last night and fell deep asleep not wanting to wake up this morning"

First Night of Sleep - Mother: "well, last night after we got home we sat and fed the babies and relaxed....then when I went to bed last night, I slept really well...but I couldn't wait to be able to be here today to see them =))"

How old the twins are now: One month

Mother's thoughts now: "I am doing great!  hard to believe they are a month old tomorrow! =)))" (April 21st 2015)

Father's thoughts now: ".....Its going good we were shopping for clothes for them earlier today ...its lots of fun :)" (April 20th 2015)

Mum and Dad, Amber and I love you very much. We know from experience that you both are fantastic parents, and we are happy to have the twins as our siblings! I hope things just keep getting better as time goes on!

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