Monday, March 3, 2014

Scarlet Creative at The Arcade - March Edition

Photo Frame: Alouette - Rustic Photo Frame - Light
Animal Statute: ISON HOME - fatty chinchilla
Plant: Scarlet Creative - Mountain Love Plant in Pot
Side Board: Scarlet Creative - Mountain Lodge Side Board
Wood on Floor: Scarlet Creative - Mountain Lodge Birch in Belts
Hanging Lights(x2): Scarlet Creative - Ceiling Wire Lamp Blogger
Map: World 1739 by Ee Maculate
Door Mice: Half-Deer - Mr. Mousie's Door - Warm Tones
Bed: Scarlet Creative - Mountain Lodge Bed Blogger
Chair: Scarlet Creative - Mountain Lodge Deck Chair
House: Deer - The London Estate Structure

          I totally love all the Scarlet Creative pieces from this month's round of The Arcade. It did mean I had to change my entire room about but as you can see in the photo, completely worth it really. Its hard to say what my favorite part is, but it might be the lights. I think they work really well in my room, and can be hard to work into just anything, so that is exciting, that I get something a bit different but fantastic. The poses seem to be the same as the last Scarlet Creative bed I used. Which is a bit weird, only because the last bed had posts, and this one does not but still seems to have the post leaning pose. I make it work and my partner seems to like the pieces as well. 

Scarlet Creative is  a fantastic place for prefab homes in Second Life. There are also fantastic home decor and furniture at Scarlet Creative. To me a lot of the furniture and decor has a ‘real’ feeling to it. Something you could completely find in real life to put in your homes. Some of it had a cabin feel, or maybe a modern feel. Maybe you like an artisy feel, I am sure you could find something at Scarlet Creative. Here are some links for Scarlet Creative: Address, Marketplace, Flickr, Flickr Group, and Blog.

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