Monday, March 3, 2014

Aeon - Blogging

Outfit: Skin Flicks LBD V3 (Beige)
Hair:  [Shag] - Love is a Battlefield - Fever
Shoes: !!KKBB!! Wrapped Heels - Black
Face:  ::MM:: Tears Collection
[:T:] Parted lips (free)
.ID. It's Cold! - Red Nose

          It has been three years for my blog, and I am so excited that I could say I have lasted that long. That is about half of my time on the grid. The photo above is where I pretty much started. It was the first outfit I put together, and photo I put together, just for my blog. For when I put the look together, I looked amazing! But it is fascinating how far I have come in looks and style in just three years. I am only able to look so amazing because of all the designers and creators out there. Thank you everyone! 
          In just the past few years we have been able to move to mesh, which can look so amazing! There are so many mesh things out there to better ourselves, and I use them all the time. And soon there will be even better mesh items, like Liquid Mesh, and my mind is about to be blown. When I started bling was just going out of style and face lights were being seen as annoying as hell because they mess, quite often, with out others view the world, and people, like myself, were not okay with that. 
          I hope to keep going on my blog and keep growing as a person, photographer, and blogger. I love all the people that have supported me, the sponsors, friends and family, and the people who take time to look at what I have put together on the blog. It means the world to me that I am able to help people find what they need, find something new, or just be an interesting artist.
~Love Fayette Aeon

Hair: Exile - Sway My Way
Eyes: Adoness - Iridian
Ears: Schadenfreude - Changeling Ears
Teeth: Shine - Vampire Teeth Long
Skin: Logo - Chloe
Necklace: Cae - Love Letters
Dress: Rebel Hope - Shelly
Hands: Slink - Female Mesh Hands
Ring: Earth Stones - Devotion
Nail Polish: Logo - Basic Collection
Pose: Glitterati - 338

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