Sunday, October 6, 2013

Scrub - Oops Top

Hair: Friday - Lola
Ears: Lemon Tea - Elven Ears Pierced
Teeth: Shine - Vampire Teeth Long
Skin: Logo - Chloe (Bloom) 
Top: Scrub - Ooops Top
Pose: Jazumi - Debonaire 7

          This top from Scrub is one of the most recent to be released. I think the top is fantastic that is mesh and actually works with the implants, mostly Lolas - Tangos, without the need of appliers. For these tops though I actually had to make my implants about 10% bigger then the size I normally have them. On the other side, for those with big breasts will actually have to go smaller for their boobs. I know that when it comes to mesh, we already have to deal with standard sizes, which I think was a great set up in the first place, but for this top, I would also need additional sizes in the boobs. While wearing the top, the right side of top seems to fit perfectly on the breast, enlarged of course. The left side though seems to have fallen, or been pulled down, so it does fit the breast as tightly, but that can totally work for a look. When looking at the top, like for this post, the left side of my avatar (while looking at the photo, the right side), is transparent. There was no texture placed inside, so you can see completely through it. From the outside though, it looks great. I really love the texture that came with the top, and there are quite a few colors to pick from for your tops. The tops also come with a HUD that gives you a couple of slight variations for your top.

Scrub is a store inspired by goth, grunge, punk, rock, and urban for both women, and men. I love the take the store has on so many clothes, and it is a nice place to find something dark for your closet. Here are some links for Scrub: Address, Flickr, Flickr Group.

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