Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disney Week 16 - Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine


Hair: - Carrie
Skin: Essences - Wednesday II
Eyes: Ikon - Eternal Eyes
Necklace: Mishmash - Ethnic Necklace
Top: Goldlogic - Matta
Pants: Mon Tissu - Denim 1929 Cigarette
Shoes: Switch - Ballerina Flats
Pose: Created by Fayette


Hair: Truth - Tymber
Ears: Lemon Tea - Elven Ears Pierced
Teeth: Shine - Vampire Long Teeth
Skin: Logo - Chloe (Bloom)
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands ( With Appliers)
Implants: Lolas - Tangos (With Appliers)
Dress: Gawk - Glitter Mini Dress
Leggings: G*Field - Basic Color Tights
Shoes: N-Core - Slingback
Pose: Created by Fayette

          So the week for Anastasia and Drizella took a lot longer than I had planned, but I am so happy that I finally got it completed! First I had to pick which character to be inspired by. I am normally ginger, so it was actually easier to pick Anastasia lol. I remembered I had this cute dress in my inventory, but it just didn't feel like it was enough. So I paired it with simple tights from G*Field. Popped on a pair of simple black heels, and there I was. I believe a fantastic inspired look for Anastasia Tremaine.

          My dear friend Shayla was awesome, and agreed to do this shoot with me. It was funny because I had to do my best to dress her, but I am so happy to say that she has great taste in clothes that it wasn't too hard. I completely fell for her jumper, it was completely perfect! She, I believe, was having funny just popping on clothes. As soon as I saw the jumper it was completely a keeper. After that it was deciding on pants, a skirt, or shorts. For me it was a little tough, especially since I cannot actually see her closet, but I believe one of the best choices were actually jeans. Then she had these super cute flats, which I loved!

          I really enjoyed putting these outfits together with Shayla, and I also liked making my own pose for it. It is fun to get back into the game and challenge myself with the Disney weekly challenges.

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