Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hopscotch Sandals!

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Melissa
Ears: Lemon Tea - Elven Ears Pierced
Teeth: Shine - Vampire Teeth Long
Skin: Logo - Chloe (Bloom)
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands (With Appliers)
Nail Polish: Atooly - Colors of Summer
Implants: Lolas - Tangos (With Appliers)
Top: Gawk - Tummy Shirt
Undershirt: Gawk - Basic Tank Top
Pants: JB - F&F Belted Capris
Feet: Slink - Female Feet Flat (With Appliers)
Sandals: HopScotch - Walk On Flowers
Pose: Ploom - Dainty 4
Pose (2): Glitterati - 129

          Being able to use stuff from HopScotch was something I wanted. One of the first things I had to do was get some bare feet. I have been trying to decide whom I wanted to go with for quite a long time. First I went to three named shops just to pick up some demos. I picked up Slink, Gos, and N-Core. Starting with N-Core, I tried it on and I really have adored N-Core for such a long time. I did not like the flaring out layer that is supposed to help the mesh flow into your avatars skin. So I moved on to Gos and Slink. I have really fallen in love with Gos shoes, and have a few pairs. I know how well they have matched their skin colors to my skin from Logo, and it is a fantastic match. But I also know that I can get appliers from Logo just for the Slink appliers, which should be a perfect match. I know that with a lot of the add-on shoes you can usually adjust them to fit other brands, or at least I know that with flats. I ended up getting the Slink brand for the appliers and the slink nail appliers. But I did think about both, and still think about the Gos feet.

          These sandals are add-ons for the flat Slink Female Mesh Flat Feet. I suppose if you adjusted them, they might fit the new Slink Male Flat Feet, lol. The sandal come in quite a few different styles and are currently at The Attic Event, which I believe ends at the end of the month, so one should hurry! Which is where I also got my 'standing' pose for one of the photos.

          While I was at The Arcade Event, I put my money into the machine for the Wasabi Pills Melissa hair cut and got the Rare Crystal Pink! I am always hoping for the ginger but I was totally happy with the pink, which is another Wasabi Pills color I adore. I bought quite a bit, but not as much as others I am sure! The event I believe also ends around the end of the month. 

          While I was shopping and such, I had to stop by Logo for the appliers for my new feet. While I was there I was checking to see if there were any add-ons I wanted but havent picked up yet, and I saw the blush. It can be hard to see the differences, but they are subtle enough that I really like it. I picked the super rosy cheek to go with my outfit ^^

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