Saturday, May 11, 2013

Disney Week Nine Marie

          After catching up on two weeks of Disney Character Challenges, I was still excited to be able to do this character. I adore Marie, she makes me think of when I was a little girl. I was still a mama's girl but I liked acting a bit older. I am still completely sassy to this day and I love every bit of sass I have. When I started to put this outfit together I wasn't sure if I wanted to use a dress or a pants type outfit.

          I knew the hair I wanted, or at least I remembered what it looked like. It took me a good while to find the hair, but I thought, if the look of the cat were human, this was the perfect style, especially for someone so sassy and elegant. The main part of Marie is her beautiful pink bow. There was one I thought of right away, but realized, it was used in the inspiration photo. I saw a few other choices, and all of them by Boom. Since I couldn't decide what I wanted to use, I moved on to the hair bow. I already had the bow in my inventory, just needed to see if I had it in pink ( I have it in a handful of colors), and I did!

          So I had the hair, and the bow for my hair but I didn't have an outfit. I went to Mon Tissu looking at their Oxford skirts. I have their Oxford skirt in black and I totally love it. It was actually one of the first mesh things I bought, even if it is only part mesh. I saw this dress there, and saw that it came in all white, with what looks like to be feathers on it. But the demo was this one, in the photo. I showed a few friends and they actually liked this one better for the character. After looking at it a bit, I completely agreed, I think it looks fantastic. I paired it with a simple pair of flats I already had in my inventory and thought it was perfect. I hope all of you like this outfit and agree that this is what Marie would probably look like if she were human.

Hair: Magika - Maya
Hair Bow: Splash - Bow Headband
Skin: Logo - Chloe
Teeth: M - Vampire prim teeth 
(By Arriah Fiertze)
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands
Dress: Mon Tissu - Seaside Sundress
Shoes: Magi - Take Flat Shoes
Pose: Glitterati - Milliner (2&4)

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