Friday, April 19, 2013

Returned Karma LOTD (Also Merging News)

          I am a bit late on showing all of you this cute new top from Returned Karma. As I was putting it on, I broke one of the arm straps as you can see. I have been lazy and just left the part that is attached, well attached. The top covers most of the torso, but I really preferred to pair it with something. I had just bought this Corvus skirt that The Perfect Wardrobe. The colors go great together I think, and its a bit flirty. On the plus side I was told it made me look like all legs and they didn't mind. The top comes in a couple of colors so check it out.

          On another notice for Returned Karma, they are merging. After almost four years of Returned Karma being open Jada (Karma) Tigerpaw has decided to merge her shop with a friend of hers, Kattington Resident, owner of Milk. Milk is known for it's Tango compatibility. They will be Co-Owning the shop and hope to bring both of their styles together. Past releases from Returned Karma should be located at Milk when things get a bit more settled. It will be sad to see one store go, but it will be fantastic to see the mind of Jada and Kattington merge and create fantastic things!

Hair: Truth - January
Skin: Logo - Chloe
Top: Returned Karma - Broken Cami
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands
Skirt: Corvus - Camo Mesh Skirt
Pose: Glitterati

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