Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Looking at Project Limited - January 12th 2016

Photography by Fayette Aeon
So, I yesterday I took the chance to go to Project Limited. It is not an event I get to go to very often.

Is it an event that you attend?

When I got there, I was surrounded my shipping crates full of little shops from many different designers. There were 37 different shops set up, which is pretty cool. Looked like a couple were closed this round, which was fine. Less temping items to buy, am I right?

It was also cool that music was playing, it can be nice and really add to the atmosphere. Which I felt it did here. I couldn't really hear any ambient sounds, other than the flickering of the lights that read PROJECT LIMITED.

I saw a photo from Whatever on my Flickr feed and knew I was eventually going to check out Project Limited. Now I didn't head straight to the Whatever shipping crate because I wanted to look at everything.
Photo by Anna Grey - Flickr Link
Do you like to look at everything?
Or do you prefer to just go in for that one thing, then leave?

Finally I get to the Whatever stall and didn't see anything I wanted more. Then I got overwhelmed by the price of the item I wanted. Because it was L$699 to drop I had to stand there just thinking and staring.

Does anyone else just stand there when they want something but not ready to pay for it?

After thinking about it for maybe 5-10 mins I got it. To be honest it is a great deal and it is something I will use. I am now broke for a while, but I have a feeling I won't regret it.

Photography by Fayette Aeon
If you went to Project Limited, link or tell me what you got in the comments below!

Model Outfit

Ayashi - Leila
Mesh Head:
Logo - Chloe {Alabaster}
Whatever - Limited Eyes
Mesh Body:
Maitreya - Lara V3.4
Ducknipple - Panic Dress
Aeon - 010

- Ayashi @ Shiny Shabby, Closes January 15th 2016

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