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LOTD - I am a Vampire

Photography by Fayette Aeon @ Studio

Photography by Fayette Aeon @ Studio
          I have had the 'spirit animal' (as one of my ex-girlfriends would say) of Vampire for as long as I can remember. I am not totally sure where it started, or even why. But I remember one of the first vampire movies I saw was Buffy the Vampire and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Shortly later was Interview with the Vampire, and the older The Monster Squad and The Hunger, which honestly, I think I was too young to even follow The Hunger, but it had David Bowie, so I really tried to. 
          As I got older, I got to love the Blade movies and so many more. I don't want to make this post about just a list of all the vampire media I have watched, but just to say that it has been a part of my life since around the age of 5, and now I am 29. That is 24 years of having vampires in my life. I even read about them in young adult books by L.J.Smith in my youth, which, now there are shows based off her books.

Photography by Fayette Aeon @ Ironwood Hills
          I have been with my life partner now for 11 years. Our first Halloween was a month after we started dating, and I had bought my first set of fangs. Before then I was too poor to get the good ones. Our entire relationship, it has been a part of my life. Now, I don't go around drinking blood, hissing at people or trying to be dark and brooding. But anyone close to me knows the world of vampire is just a part of my life, I am just not visually obvious about it.
          In the world of Second Life I have always been vampire. I haven't always had a way to show my fangs, for example, but it is always there. I have been mixed up as elf in the past though because my vampire has pointed ears, and I have tried to be elf, pixie, fairy, and/or neko but always end up just being a role. I always revert back to vampire and never regret it. A few years ago, I used to role-play in the Clan of Malkavian, which was great for me. I was at my happiest in my role-playing career. I must have been around 22 or so and really loved it. Recently I was talking with my girlfriend about the clans, which aren't set in stone, and thought I am sure I have changed in those years now that I am nearly 30. I googled up some quizes and came by one that looked alright. 

It was a fun quiz for me and I liked the questions asked. It was fun to think about, and made me realized I might have changed more than I thought, which isn't bad at all. Plus your answer could change depending on where you are in life, or even how you are feeling now compared to an hour from now. If you want to take the test, then comment on your results that would be awesome.

My Results - The Degenerate Artiste {Toreador} followed very closely by The Deceivers {Ravnos}
Photography by Fayette Aeon
Toreador - 15
Ravnos - 14
Ventrue - 9
Lasombra - 8
Tremere - 7
Tzimisce - 6
Setites - 6
Gangrel - 6
Brujah - 5
Malkavian - 5
Giovanni - 3
Nosferatu - 2
Assamite - 0
          "The Toreador are a clan of sensuality. Possessed of a supernatural artistic ability and a charm all their own, the vampires of clan Toreador are both envied and hated. They tend to range from deep and sensitive artistes to loud and extravagant extroverts. Toreadors see the depth in every action and the beauty in every move, to the point of utter entrancement. They find beauty in tragedy and tend to idealize their world. The suffering artist, the gallery gazelle and the utter indulgent are all common Toreador themes. Any of these could be you.
          For you to be a Toreador means that you see beyond the mundane and glimpse something truly wondrous. You tend to feel misunderstood and sometimes alone as others don't seem to feel or see things as deeply as you do. The narrow-minded will try to label you but you truly cannot be labeled. However, in the scheme of being undead you will find your passions will fade or become frustrating. Also in the world of true survival you're no maverick. If the weight of a person were to be judged by the soul then you would be platinum, however and utterly unrivaled."

Photography by Fayette Aeon @ Ironwood Hills
          "The wickedly black Ravnos clan rely on illusion. Like the gypsies of old they use the greatest tool of all, the con. They know that things are rarely as they seem and they rely on this to get by. They tend to say exactly what they mean and mean exactly what they say. To assume anything beyond what has been stated is foolhardy at best when dealing with Ravnos. Everything is about perception to them and karmatic action is very important to them. They see death as a natural part of life and they believe that you should never take pity on a sucker.
          "For you to be a Ravnos means that you rely on deception and perception. You love to test those around you and you have no problem cheating at cards. the most important thing is for you to come out on top. You are always looking for the quick buck and for this reason I hope the luck is about you. Like all gypsies you follow your own moral code that outsiders wouldn't understand, be you natural Rom or not. So the question is, are you holding two aces or two deuces?"

Photography by Fayette Aeon @ Ironwood Hills

          Is there anything you identify as that others might not realize, or you just want to share. Place it in the comments below, so I can learn more about you.

Model Outfit

LeLutka - Alvina
Mesh Head:
Logo - Alex {Alabaster}
Wimey - Golden Fire Circlet
Glam Affair - Baroque {Black}
Adoness - Havila {Smoke}
Slink - AvEnhance Hands {Casual, Elegant 1}
Ducknipple - Andrea
Gawk - Leather Pants {Victorian}
Eudora - Quatermain Boots
Ironwood Hills
Aeon - 127 -  132

Photography by Fayette Aeon @ Ironwood hills

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