Sunday, November 29, 2015

12 Days of Savings Autumn 2015

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          For the past holiday I had been house/animal sitting, which ment I didn't have access to my pc. I did get to use a laptop a few times. Because of that I haven't really been doing much work, nor participation in SL events and whatnot. Tonight I got to return home and I had an email at some point announcing this "12 Days of Savings". The event is going on now, until the 7ths of December. I was quite happy to see a few stores I wanted to check out no matter how empty my wallet is. Sadly, as I was checking out some items, not everything is listed as 12 Days of Savings. Some only are "OnSale" or don't say much at all. I did my best to find what I could and made a list below. 

          As an example there was one store listed that I didn't see anything for sale, so I didn't write it down. Blueberry also didn't have certain words in their titles so I had to search through everything. the L$100s and L$650s will give you the sale items.

          If there are items and stores I haven't listed, leave a comment or message me and I will be happy to add them.

4 items
L$30 - 75

5 items
L$99 - 600

130 items
L$100 - 2,250

3 items
L$140 - 225

10 items
L$200 - 440

18 items

1 item

8 items

50 items
L$207 - 1,677

24 items
L$50 - 225

7 items
L$99 - 399

6 items
L$25 - 100

1 item

8 items
L$35 - 75

11 items

12 items
L$60 - 99

2 items

11 items
L$299 - 899

16 items
L$35 - 75

12 items
L$200 - 500

10 items

7 items
L$90 - 170

8 items
L$425 - 1,500

10 items
L$315 - 17,095

129 items
L$100 - 650

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