Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thoughts from Faye - August 2015

          I have thought about this for a while. I have felt that over the years I have found more of myself while blogging, but at the same time losing more of myself while blogging. I have always loved my blogging. It started out because I have loved the ability to do photography in a video game. I have played other MMOs and it is possible but not like it is in Second Life.

          Then, like everyone in Second Life I loved shopping. More than I personally think I should have. But I also believe it happens to nearly everyone at some point in Second Life. I figured I would put the two together and why not blog about it. Didn't really know what I was getting into. I had just had a baby about 8 month beforehand. For a good long while, I didn't have sponsors, barely even knew what they were. I just thought I would put outfits together. At one point I wanted to share everything, that for the weekend events, such as Fifty Linden Fridays or Lazy Sundays I would buy everything and blog about it, whether I would use it again or not. I did eventually become more picky at what I would buy, as to not clutter with stuff I was meh about.

          Eventually I did learn about Sponsors and Events. I applied to my first place, and actually didn't get a reply for like 6 months! But when they asked, I was like "Hell Yes!" It was fantastic and I felt so special and wanted. I have also applied at another store, which is one of my favorite now, that was barely starting out when I found out about them, and they accepted me, and have been loyal since. Shortly into my blogging world I got my first major event. I was totally happy about it! I wasn't totally prepared when I was accepted but by the time the event came I was able to do it, and during that time I had some of the best views, and the most readers I have ever had.

          For some reason though, shortly after I completed this event that got so much attention my blog plunder into nearly nothingness. This was devastating to my ego, to my blog, and to my hope to become a blogger that people in my community would care to look at, or even read when I write. This really brought me down in my job as a blogger. I started to feel hopeless, like I was a bad blogger all of a sudden. I then tried to find ways to get back to where I was. How did I lose so much? How were people with blogs so much younger than mine having, what feels like, 1000% better views, readers, comments than I? How did I change? I couldn't figure it out. Since then, roughly January 2014,  I have tried many different things and nothing really seemed to work.
          Then over the past year or so, it seems like you have to be a famous blogger to get anywhere. I believe my photos are high quality, and when I have something to say, I believe my words are great. But for some reason, I have to be syndicated with 10 feeds, for example, but these feeds all want the blogs attached to them to fit a certain form, which is fine, but the more you fit the form, the less unique you are. Then with some feeds, those blogs get the views, and not your actual blog, so views are taken from you. But as another requirement as a blogger would be to have so many views a day, 1000, 5000, or some number. After that they also want your flickr to have so many views on each photo!!! Like goodness gracious! Next it will have to have so many favorites, or be in a minimum number of groups. I totally understand some requirements, like having the store's logo on the blog, having high quality photos so people can see the product, maybe have so many details, or at least links to the store.

          I have been learning, more about myself. I have been craving structure, balance, and fun exploring the different aspects of myself. Trying to figure out the different ways I can better provide for my readers and fulfill myself as a blogger, and photographers. I love blogging, and I wish there was a better relationship between everyone in the blogging world. But that is for another blog. Until then, tell me what you think in the comments below. Love Fayette Aeon

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