Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Solstice

          We are beyond excited ironically, for fall to get here because heat and Amber don't get along very well. When Amber was trying to put our summer cover photo together for Facebook, there were a lot of suggestions but the only thing that really jumped out at Amber was water once the first day that felt overly hot hit her. We hope everyone is staying hydrated throughout the hot days this year! We also hope that as far as the business goes with Aeon, that we can focus on re-working our store to fit the stock that's endlessly growing. We hope our followers join the group so they can enjoy the group gifts that are being sent out on a regular basis. Finally, we hope that we continue this growth. Amber feels like for a business that's only been going at it hard for a season, we've seen flow between views here in our blog as well as on marketplace to check out our poses throughout the days past and we can not wait to see more!

Photography by Fayette Aeon
          As soon as we could, we headed to the Arcade, and to yard sales. The arcade provided so much for our trip to the beach. The arcade is still going on for this round until Tuesday, June 30th 2015, hop to!

Photography by Fayette Aeon

Photography by Fayette Aeon

          Yesterday was not only Father's Day; Happy Father's Day to all of those dads in Second Life, and in Real Life. But yesterday was also the first day of Summer....officially of course. We know, even just looking at the United States that the weather in some places are a bit cold, where Faye lives it is already reaching 111F and where Amber is living, the highs barely want to touch the 90s but stay in the 80s. In Second Life it can be any season you wish it to be. Faye is of the mind, and most people from what is seen, enjoy having the seasons reflect real life, or at least what would be ideal in real life. 

          Faye thought, being able to talk about what we are hoping for the Summer would be great as a date at the beach. We spent all day at the beach enjoying the company and talking about what we wanted to do moving forward. We found a perfert spot then set up camp. So many of the items were provided by Ariskea and Dust Bunny. 

Photography by Fayette Aeon

Photography by Fayette Aeon

          After watching the sun rise over the glittering ocean we dancing slowly before just standing in a cuddle. Later we talked about the future of Aeon through to the evening. Even though it was just a day on the beach, everything we had, made the area feel homely. After picking up our stuff we headed to the pier to watch the sun set over the ocean.

Photography by Fayette Aeon

Amber's Outfit
Head:   LOGO - Infinity Chloe v2.1
Hair:   TRUTH - Lucrecia
Body and Feet:   Maitreya - Mesh Body {Lara}
Hands:   Slink - Mesh Rigged Hands {Elegant & Elegant1}
Tattoo:   [M]A.C. [D]ESIGN & Lotus [Maitreya Body Applier]
Bikini Top:  *JB* - Bandeau Bikini Top {Maitreya - Blue Stripes}
Bikini Bottom:   *JB* SC - Classic Bikini Bottom {Maitreya - Black}
Bracelets from:   Envious
Necklace/Collar:   :Forever Famous: - His Only Locking Necklace {Black Gold}
(@ Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair!)

Faye's Outfit
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Keira
(@ The Conquest)
Eyes: IKON - Immortal {Sage}
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands {Casual & Elegant1}
Nail Polish: Alaskametro - Beauty {Basic}
Top: 20.Five - Bikini Top
Bottoms: Zaara - Arpora Fisherman's Pants {Grass}
(@ The Arcade - June 2015)
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet {High & Flat}

Pose 1: Aeon - My Dear Friend {Coming soon}
Pose 2: Aeon - Holding Her {Coming soon}
Pose 3: Aeon - I Lean on You {Coming soon}
Umbrellas: Anc - Hatsuyume {Wind Parasol White}
Light: Ariskea - Porcelain {Beach Lamp}
Life raft: Dust Bunny - Life Ring
Poof: Ariskea - Porcelain {Just a Pouf}
Vase 1: Dust Bunny - Coral Bottle {White}
Vase 2: Dust Bunny - Costal Vases
Vase 3: Dust Bunny - Coral Bottle {Blue}
Tent: Ariskea - Porcelain - Beach Calm Tent 1
Art Box 1: Dust Bunny - Shell Frame {Blue}
Art Box 2: Dust Bunny - Shell Frame {Mint}
Towel: Dust Bunny - Beach Towel Tote {Floral}
Sandals: Dust Bunny - Flip Flops
Bag: Dust Bunny - Beach Bag {Cream}
Box: Ariskea - Porcelain - Enjoy The Little Things 2
Location: Salt Water on Salt Water (M)

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