Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aeon - 500th Post!

About Aeon

          The Aeon blog has gone through many changes, as anything through life does. It started out with a completely different title, and has changed through the years. The blog was first started in March 2011, just over 4 years ago! The main blogger has always been Fayette Aeon, but over the years she has had a few guest bloggers, who are still able to make posts if they so choose. Amber Athens, gave her shot November 30th 2013, with a Black Friday post and again in December with It's Cold Outside . She decided to become a partner of Faye's in the blog in November 2014, starting with an end of the month LOTD. Now Aeon, the blog, is 4 years old, and on its 500th post! She has been a welcomed partner, and we hope nothing changes.

          In Aeon Blogging, we mostly cover fashion. Both Fayette and Amber enjoy putting outfits together and exploring different fashions as well as sharing them with people. Not to pressure people to get them, but to show what is out there and items they really enjoy. Sometimes landscapes, or home life may be blogged. Usually to also show what is out there, or the proud work they have of their home. But this could also include businesses they enjoy, such as clubs, or cafes, but also businesses that are new and would like to show people what can be out there under their noses. Other times, a bit rarer that anything else, they make posts about their real life. When that happens it tends to be very personal, and something that has made an impact in their lives, possibly even affecting what happens to them in the world of Second Life.

          Fayette and Amber open an in world store called Aeon (hm, I wonder why). Currently, Aeon sells static animations and the skills of photographers. Each artist has their own take on each, but combine well enough to mesh well for a store. They are hoping to expand more in the future, possibly into clothes, accessories and/or household goods, but there is currently nothing planned, as both parties are fairly busy with their real lives, but keep a look out. One way we are currently expanding would include participating in events, hunts and helping out with charities. The current charity we are supporting is Walk MS.

          We have only been open since the first day of spring, but we have our in world group, which is currently free-open enrollment, but at the start of Summer, we will be charging to join, but gifts will be handed out monthly. We may or may not be passing out gifts beforehand, but that is undetermined. 

About Amber

          Amber is a long-time resident of Second Life.  She entered into the game when she was in high school in 2004 for what was known as the "Teen Grid" - where she worked with building and scripting for a very simple web design and computer programming class.  Upon creating a new avatar for herself in 2006 (Amber Athens) and migrating to the main grid, she immediately set into photography because building and scripting were never something she thoroughly enjoyed or intended to continue with at the time.

          She has been blogging off and on since around 2010 ranging from on her own to with things like a company that was at the time called CHIC Management owned by the incredible Keira Seerose.  She has been a cheer coach, a dancer and choreographer, a land manager, an event coordinator, and so much more in her years in-world.  Life continuously interrupted her patterns in the past but she is now proud to be a co-owner of Aeon::.!  She has returned to what she loves most and blogs exclusively for that, as well as offers her services and products under that name.

          Outside of Second Life, Amber Athens is a 26 year old woman who lives in Indiana with her husband of what will soon be three years, Jackson Tournier.  She works from home and is often seen in-world during that time, even if she is distracted every few minutes.  She is currently enrolled in college majoring in accounting.

About Faye

          Fayette has been in Second Life since November 2007. She heard about it before, in her classes, while she was working towards her AAS in Multi-Media, and BS in Video Game Design. She never finished her BS, but does have her AAS. After hearing about Second Life from classmates, being the person she is, she just couldn't join right away. Instead she waited about 6 months after graduating and opened an account, why not. There she explored and went to clubs in the most noob attire. She met many people and start to explore the realm of role-playing in Second Life.

          During the time of exploring and role-playing, she practiced her photography and building skills. She enjoyed building, but the items she made felt very rough and took up a lot of prims for what they were. Photography was where she really bloomed. At one point she was on retainer for a woman that worked at a Jazz club by the name of  (sweethearts). The woman would ask for certain textures, advertisements, or photographs and Faye would provide to the best she could, until the woman had to leave for real life. Faye has also helped another creator, Kennedy Gearz, making a script and sparkle for a key, but atlas real life also took her away. Since then Fayette became a blogger, photography, journalist, CEO, and personal assistant. 

          In Faye's real life, she was born in 1986, and is a polyamours, bisexual woman, with a child named Cedric. She has been married since 2005, and has dated a few in between, currently a young woman that makes her quite happy! In the start of 2015 Faye was also confirmed to have Huntington's, but it hasn't stopped her, just made her push forward. Now she does what she loves. She gets to enjoy family and friends in Second Life. She gets her partners, and wonderful child in Real Life. She gets to be a photographer in Second Life, and head in any direction in Real Life. Faye couldn't be happier!

Where you can find us
InWorld | Marketplace | Facebook: Faye - Amber - Aeon |
| Blog | Flickr: Faye - Amber | Tumblr: Faye | Twitter: Faye |

          We, at Aeon, would like to thank so many people for their support. I want to start with our readers. We would still be blogging, but we would not be as shared if it weren't for you. Enjoying the fashions of Second Life and hearing what we have to say, ad well as sharing us with those around you! Next I need to thank sponsors. We support our sponsors as they in return support us. We enjoy promoting your brand as much as you help promote us. Also to the event coordinators there who allow us to join in on the fun. Without our friends and family we would not be as far as we are. We are grateful for them every day.

Thank you to our supporters!

What Amber is Wearing
Hair: [Entwined] Lana
Eyes: [Buzz] Elysium Eyes - Hazel
Body and Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin/Appliers: Lara Hurley-Ivy Tan for TheShops
Blazer: The Secret Store - Structured Blazer - Crow
Dress: Maitreya * Vixen Dress Plum * Lara Mesh Body
Hands: Slink (Relaxed and Elegant)
Shoes: [Mundos] Leila Wedges_TMP,Belleza,Maitreya&Slink
Pose: Aeon::. Together

What Faye is Wearing
Hair: Lamb - Pretty Little Neighbor {Sunset}
Eyes: Adoness - Havila {Amber}
Skin: Logo - Chloe {Bloom}
Necklace: Izzie's - Camera necklace {Gold Rust}
Top: Gawk - Basic Tank Top {Pink}
Blazer: Tres Blah - Blazer {Two Tone}
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands {Gesture & Elegant1}
Nail Polish: AlaskaMetro - Beauty {Blossom}
Pants: Admiral Spicy - Skinny Mesh Cuffed Jeans {Dark Blue}
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet {High}
Shoes: Eudora - Darya Wedges
Pose: Aeon::. Together

[PM]Pixel Mode - The Sewing Corner - Cabinet
{CE} Essential Weekly Planner
-tres blah- Workspace - Sewing Pattern
Ariskea [ Pot Pourri ] Moss chair
-tres blah- Workspace - Desk 1
-tres blah- Workspace - Sewing Form RARE
-tres blah- Workspace - Inspiration Board

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