Thursday, March 19, 2015

WWWC4 - Tucson, Arizona

          I actually try to not post too often on my real life stuff but the end of this winter has been busy that I wanted to share it with all of you. This year I worked at the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, and I loved it. The main part of my work lasted from March 4th through March 8th. I worked in merchandise sales, which was quite fun. I got to see almost everyone's costumes, people watch and enjoy everything. When I wasn't working I got to enjoy the con itself. I made so many friends, from those I worked with, to those just there for the event.

          Prepping for the con, on Wednesday and Thursday I got to know a few people, and damage my cuticles for a few days as well. We had these amazing badges for the people working there, but they were also the "tickets" for the event. They kill your fingers after stuffing quite a few, but they looked great!

          At first I was sort of dreading being at the con at 9am, an hour before open, for meetings, and getting ready. But it wasn't actually as bad as I first pictured. I felt super helpful, the meetings were short and to the point, and my co-workers made the day go by so quickly. I enjoyed everyone I worked with, others I even consider friends now. It was sad when Sunday came around and it was going to be the last day, but I hadn't worked outside the home for about 5 years, so I was also getting exhausted. As a last thing I could do at the con, I got my photo taken with the steamgirls, which was fun. I enjoyed meeting Kato, Rin, and the other girls. I got to be in a corset from Amazonia's Corsets! The ladies were so kind, and really wanted to help women, and men, find corsets. They have so many options and they never pressured me, or anyone I saw, into getting a corset but they were willing to measure you out. 

          I enjoyed it so much, that I hope next winter I can work the convention again. Plus I would feel a stronger connection with all of my friends. Now  I have a whole year to "relax" and come up with an even better costume. If you want to see photos, you can google Wild Wild West Con 4, or WWWC4, and there are photos all over Facebook.

          Right after the con, maybe the Tuesday after I came down with a horrible cold. I would just lay in bed burning up, then freezing. I couldn't eat, I would cough until it tasted like there was blood and my head was completely foggy. It has been over a week since I first noticed I got sick, I am feeling so much better but still have a cough. But life moves forward and I am preparing for the opening of Aeon, in Second Life! So I hope everyone has a great Spring to start out the new year!

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