Wednesday, June 4, 2014

LOTD June 4th 2014

Hair: Milk - Go For girly
Ears: Schadenfreude - Changeling Ears
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light [Deep Ice]
Skin: Logo - Chloe [Bloom]
Implants: Lolas - Tango
Top: Gawk - Sheer Strap Dress
Skirt: Gawk - Jeans Mini Skirt
Bracelet: Eudora - Runes of The North
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands [Casual & Gesture]
Ring: EarthStones - Devotion
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet [High]
Shoes: Blah - My Chained Heart Pumps
Pose: Tabou Irresistible - Fashionista Pose 2-2

          Gawk just came out with fantastic new skirts. Black and white with different bands. I think they are totally cute. They are also sitting quite low, so it can be a bit hard to find a shirt to go with them if you want it to look like a dress. All the skirts can be found at the mainstore. This Eudora bracelet I totally love. Last month it was available at We <3 RP. I love all the different combinations of colors that are possible. And just like with all Eudora items, if you have multi huds of the other colors, you can mix and match. These amazing Blah shoes are at The Dark Style Fair and I have gotten a dozen IM's about loving them, wanting them, or really wanting them *wink* I am not sure how long the fair is still running but the items are awesome, and so many shops to look at. Tabou Irresistible always comes out with something but I decided to just use a pose from them this time. This pose is from an exclusive for the pose fair, and they have more too. Poses are great for everyone, weather they are professional or amateur photographers.

Gawk is a shop that has been around for a very long time. I remember visiting them when I first started my blog. Mell is a fantastic designer, and I believe I don’t see anything that is ‘copied’ or templates bought from other people. I really love the place. The style and the colors. Mesh is starting to come out. Over the past few months appliers have been made for some staples at the shop to go with the tangos. Here are some links for Gawk!: Flickr, Group Flickr, SLX Connect, Marketplace, and Address.

Eudora is a mesh creating shop. They have mostly shoes at the moment, but they do plan on expanding. They do female shoes as well as unisex shoes. All the the shoes are the creation of the shop owners. They were hard to create the models and handpaint the textures. I really love the shoes here and hope you will love the shop too. It is pretty new but I see such a great future for it. Here are some links for Eudora 3D: Address, Flickr, Group Flickr, Marketplace, Youtube.

Tabou Irresistible is a nice little shop that has poses and other animations, tattoos, outfits, accessories and other items. The overall store give me a urban type feel. Here are some links for Tabou Irresistible: Address, Flickr,  Flickr Group, Marketplace.

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