Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Afternoon at The Looking Glass

          I decided to take an afternoon at The Looking Glass after seeing about it in the news. I am not completely sure what I was expecting, other than a stage. I went into the theater and it looks a bit run down, but seems to have quite a bit of history and potential. The stage is well designed but the building itself really needs the work. The bottom floor can fit quite a few people and there are a couple balconies for a handful of people.

          Outside there seems to be a vacant hotel, inn, apartment type of building. Across from that and kidycorner to the theater is a cafe. The cafe, on the outside does remind me of a pub back in England. The outside is more quaint like France, and everything seems quiet. Next to the cafe is a bar, that I decided to check out. The inside of the bar reminds me of someone that grew up in the 80's and/or 90's loves to go to get drinks, play games, hang out, and geeked all over the place. So generally I love it, other than the furniture and wood, look like Cheers (which I don't care for.) I did get out over the movie posters and the Doctor Who game though.

          If you go further west, outside of the buildings, you will eventually come to a pier. I did not see any boats of any type though, so there is no way to leave this way. So I decided to just keep looking around and it was like I left the city and entered old country in just a few feet. 

          I went forward to check out the stoned architecture. I found myself climbing up a tower and before realizing it, I was atop and looked out the window, to a fantastic view. 

          This was just something interesting I saw while walking on my journey. I found it interesting to just have a piano just sitting on an 'island' next to a tree.

          It got darker the further I walked, until realizing it was dark and I came upon something so magical. It was so beautiful I had to sit and just be in awe. 

I had this little creature following me for a bit, along with one of it's friends. 

          I ended my journey at the shops of The Looking Glass. They help you put together an enviroment you can really love that isnt always 'normal'. 

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