Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wimey The Captive Princes @ the Fantasy Room

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Brigitte
Eyes: Adoness - Iridian
Ears: Schadenfreude - Changeling Ears
Teeth: Shine - Vampire Teeth Long
Skin: Logo - Chloe (Almond)
Necklace: AI - Ami Amet Deli Pencet
Outfit: Wimey - Captive Princess
Hands: Slink - Female Mesh Hands (Elegant & Gesture)
Bracelet: Olive - The Scout's Tiara bracelet
Ring: Earth Stones - Devotion
Feet: Slink - Female Mesh Feet (Flat)
Shoes: HopScotch - Almera
Pose: Glitterati - Basic 01

          This is another set of colors by Wimey for the Captive Princess at the Fantasy Room. Each color, black, brown and pink cost $L70 each. I am not sure how long the event is open but they did just open on the 5th of March. Here is a page of other photos from the event if you are interested in looking. I loved the first set of colors I saw for this outfit, here, so I was very excited to see more colors available. 

Wimey is a very geeky store, which I love. And they have a lot of accessories and fun items. The items in the store are so fantastic and whimsical, plus with how geeking the store name itself is, how could I not be apart of the Wimey world! Here are your links for Wimey: Address, Flickr, Blog, Marketplace, Twitter, Plurk.

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