Monday, October 14, 2013

Eudora - Laika Boots and Group Gift

Skin: Logo - Chloe (Bloom)
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands (With Appliers)
Nail Polish: Logo - Basic Collection
Leggings: G*Field - Basic Color Tights
Shoes: Eudora - Laika Boots
Pose: Glitterati - 109

          These shoes are fantastic. They are really great for a cute look or an urban look. I love what they do at Eudora because they care so much about their work. Not just the 3D model they work on themselves but also the textures. These are great wedge type heels that have that sneaker hi-top look to them. And as will all Eudora shoes, the combination of colors is vast.

Skin: Logo - Chloe (Bloom)
Pants: R3volt - Madison Capris V2
Shoes: Eudora - Hi Tops Blaze Group Gift
Pose: Glitterati - 116

          My favorite pair of sneakers are actually hi-tops by Eudora. The first pair of shoes by them, and they are fantastic. I actually try to use them wherever sneakers are needed. Now they came out with a Group Gift version! The same great textures and style but something different with the styling on the sides. Enjoy!

Eudora is a mesh creating shop. They only have shoes at the moment, but they do plan on expanding. They do female shoes as well as unisex shoes. All the the shoes are the creation of the shop owners. They were hard to create the models and handpaint the textures. I really love the shoes here and hope you will love the shop too. It is pretty new but I see such a great future for it. Here are some links for Eudora 3D: Address, Flickr, Group Flickr, Marketplace

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