Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Big Boobie Show Fair! Part 2

The Big Boobie Show Fair!
Part 2

These clothes and poses are from The Big Boobie Show Fair.
The Fair opens April 1st 2013
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The even is open and should be open until the 30th of April, 2013.
*There is more information at the bottom*


Hair: Exile - Detra
Exclusive Outfit: Hard Candy - Endless Summer
(Includes Top and Bottom)
Poses: Glitterati - 049 & 052

Hair: Exile - Late At Night
Exclusive Babydoll: Hard Candy - Leopard Sheer Babydoll
Poses: Glitterati - 059 & 077


Hair: Exile - Darla
Exclusive Top: F'N'Hawt - (Left: Peekaboo Tube, Right: Sexy Wrap)
Pants: Art Decade - Leggings (black)
Flats: Absolution - Glitter Flats
Poses: Glitterati - 027, 029, 030, 045

Hair: Exile - Break Away
Exclusive Dress: Ellemeno - Luxe Gown
Pose: Glitterati - Formality - 5

Hair: Fri. - Quinn
Exclusive Corset: Ellemeno - Mesh Corset - Robots
Skirt: Milk - My Denim Mini Skirt
Pose: Glitterati - 204

Hair: Decoy - Leah
Exclusive Lingerie: Blacklace - Timeless
Shoes: G*Field - Strap Shoes


(Right Photo)
Hair: Point B - Ffwd
Exclusive Body Suit: Sugar Button - Giraffee Strapless Body Suit
Pose: Glitterati - 006

(Left Photo)
Hair: Point B - Gala
Exclusive Top: Sugar Button - Hardly There Top
Skirt: Ingenue - Collette
Pose: Glitterati - 004

(Middle Photo)
Hair: Point B - Pause
Exclusive Top: Sugar Button - Long Sleeved Mini Top
Skirt: Kyoot - Black Belted Mini
Pose: Glitterati - 002


Hair: Truth - Nahla
Exclusive Body Suit: Blush - Heroe Body
Boots: Slink - Quinn Kneehigh Boots

Exclusive Poses: Purple Poses - Naomi

Hair: Truth - Jordan
Exclusive Top: Blush - My Lil Leo
Skirt: Blow-up - Mini Skirt Punky
Shoes: G*Field - Strap Shoes "Alex"

Through out this post there are a few things that I keep using.

Skin: Logo - Chloe
Implants: Lola - Tangos
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands

I thought it would be easier if you didnt have to see it all the time through out the post! If you need any help or want to ask or say anything just message me in world. This post has been updated as things are recieved, and update for the fact that the fair has opened.
~Love, Fayette Aeon

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